Decorating you home is a key factor that enhances the beauty of your house. By reading this article you will be able to learn various DIY craft ideas for creating fantastic pieces of décor to offer your home a touch of creativity. The way your house look often displays your personality and taste. If you are bored with the usual decoration pieces, then here are the solutions that can help you upgrade the appearance of the interiors of your home. The interesting paper crafts will surely grab attention of your guests and relatives.

From functional objects like bottle caps, frames and bowls, you can reuse anything to make gifts or decorating the walls of your home. Continue reading to learn the brilliant paper decoration projects explained below.

Craft alluring lanterns to illuminate the decoration of your place
If you love to create paper crafts, then you are at the right place. Here, you will get to know a pleasing way to use paper and convert them into stunning lamps. Paper lamps can easily enhance the festive atmosphere of any occasion. With a very few items, you can create your own paper lanterns. To make paper lanterns you will require-
· Thick textured papers
· Glue and stapler
· Colors to paint the lamps
· Plexiglas sheets

Follow the steps to complete the lantern-
· You will need to take a piece of paper and fold it in half sideways. Make sure that you use a hard paper to create the base of the lantern to make it durable. You may take a colorful or textured paper to provide the lamp a high-end festive look.
· Take a scissor and cut along the folded edge, keeping in mind the length of the slits you want in your lamps.
· Attach the two opposite end and bring it together to form a tube like structure. You can use glue or stapler to affix them together.
· You need to cut another piece of paper to make the handle. You should make the handle at least 15cms long and 3cm wide. You can also use a string or ribbon to suspend it.

Make frames by using paper
There is no doubt that frames are lovely objects where you can display your favourite pictures with friends, family or loved ones. Photo frames can also be amazing gifts for presenting them to dear ones. Store-bought frames are usually expensive. On the contrary, metal and wooden frames are very heavy. Thus, you can opt for handmade paper frames which can be a great alternative for decorating or gifting purposes. Paper frames are handy and you can use them to place anywhere you want.

Steps to create a paper frame-
· Take a square sheet of paper which is twice the length and breadth of the size of frame you want to create.
· Mark a point on the centre of the paper and fold it diagonally to give it an X-shaped crease on it.
· Try to fold all the four sides of the paper down by 2.5cms and give it a square shape. Then, glue the sides of the back side of the patterned paper and your frame is ready to display your pictures.