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Drum works as sofa set with cushions - upcycled products

Remodeling Projects to Exhibit Your Creativity

It is apt to say that DIY projects can improve the furnishing of any room of your house. For decorating you home with pieces of furniture from stores, try out the some useful Upcycling ideas and make your home ready for celebrations. Remodeling used objects can be very creative in a way that is both convenient and useful. A traditional suitcase, for example, can be an excellent alternative for constructing comfortable seating furniture along with offering a bold fashion décor to your home. For crafting a completely new chair, you can use a traditional suitcase, some broken parts or vintage fabrics of discarded furniture and find the essential hardware that you will require to construct a seat.

To make a seating tool you will require the following supplies-
· A measuring tape
· An used suitcase
· Plywood
· Drill
· Saw
· Four mounting plates
· some screws
· marker
· four suitable chair or table legs
· Colors to paint the chair
· Fabric
· Scissors
· Old cushions
· Weights
· Strong threads
· A needle
· Fabric glue

Following are the steps to complete the projects
· Measure the size of the chosen suitcase and cut two pieces of plywood to cover the outer part of the case.
· You then have to drill small holes on each side of the plywood and affix it to the hard outer case by using screws. Make sure that you attach the screws from inside the suitcase to offer it a strong grip. By this the plywood is placed correctly until the corner-mounted plates are attached.
· Place the mounting plates on each corner and marker the crew location with a marker. You can remove the place after marking and drill small holes at each point.
· Remove the temporary screws holding the plywood on the outer hard surface of the suitcase. Attach the ply with the help of the screws placed on the mounted plates.
· Shape the legs of the chair according to the desired height and ensure that they fit in place by using some temporary screws. Paint the chair legs and place them aside to dry.
· Open the suitcase and fill it with foam or cushions to make the seat comfortable. The first layer of foam will not show-up but will fill the spaces appropriately to make the top layer stay in place when you sit on it.
· Remove the foam and spray some adhesive in the inner halves and place the foam. Keep it until it dries.
· Cut some pieces of fabric and cover the outer halves of the case to make it look beautiful. Tuck the cloth around the sides and stitch it with a strong thread and needle to hold it in place. Make sure that the stitches are strong. You do not have to make them appear beautiful as they will now be seen when the chair is complete.
· Take the chair legs and fix them in place with the help of screws. You can keep the chair in your living space or drawing room wherever you want.

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Upcycled tea cup used as a plant vase

Some Efficient Ways to Convert Used Materials

Purchasing fancy pieces is not a tough task when it comes to decorating the interior space of your house. However, Upcycling ideas to create something reusing the trash require a creative spirit. Upcycling and recycling are two different things. When you up-cycle an object, you not only convert it into something different but also give it a beautiful design and an efficient function or an entirely new purpose altogether.

You have a plethora of options when you are thinking of forming something exceptional from the ordinary damaged products. By upcycling you can get rid of the unwanted things in your house without having to throw them away. For example, if you have a broken chair and you are not able to get rid of it, you can turn it into a wall book shelve and provide it with a completely distinct look.

Importance of upcycling damaged products
Upcycling, on the other hand is very good for the environment. Rather the throwing plastic bottles and cans to the water bodies or burning unwanted objects which pollutes the environment, you can incorporate them into beautiful crafts to enhance the beauty of your space without having to spend a lot of money. One of the best results of upcycling is the feeling that you attain after remodeling a broken piece into something useful and functional. DIY crafts are an amazing way to bloom your creativity and inspire you towards a better and superior home design.

Turn an old door into a gorgeous book shelf
When you have a lot of books in your home, you will have to take out time to organize them in some proper place that it does make your study room look messy. Having so many books means you have to buy a book shelf to arrange them in a systematic manner. How about turning an old door into a cabinet? It can be a great idea to convert a vintage door to a useful book shelf, rather than throwing it away. You should keep in mind that different doors are used for different purposes. Some can be used for making book racks and some for tea or coffee tables. It makes your work easier if you find a door with spaced panels in it.

Things you will require to make the cabinet are-
· A wooden door
· Nails and screws
· Plywood
· A hard board
· Saw
· Drill

Cut the door with the help of a table saw in half lengthwise. Cut some pieces according to the number of levels you will want in your shelf in case there is no panels already. Measure the top and bottom portion of the cabinet so that they flush with the top and bottom edge perfectly. Secure the ply using glue or nails to hold them stronger in their appropriate positions. Paint the final project with bright colors and place them in your drawing or study room. Such cabinets are very easy to make and are less time-consuming. You can easily make this book rack without having to spend a lot of money when compared to shop-bought book shelves.

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Brown papers reused as a plant vase

Popular DIY Ideas to Reuse Waste Materials of Your Home

When objects in your house break it often upset you, but what about renovating those broken pieces and converting them into beautiful room decorating things? There may be many broken coffee mugs, pieces of furniture and picture frames in your home that belongs to the trash. The article is to inform you about various eye-catching Upcycling ideas that you can help you create new projects by using things that are commonly considered as crap. Upcycling is an amazing way to reuse waste products and give your creativity a spark.

It will be surprising for you to know that the things you were going to throw can be used to create new things which can boost the indoor and outdoor décor of your house. Below are some projects that are extremely easy to create, less time-consuming and will help you to remodel the trash into something stunning. Allocate the broken items of your household and find for ways to bring those back to life. It totally goes with the saying- One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure.

Convert a cracked picture frame into a jewelry holder
If you have broken picture frames in your house, then do not throw them away. Remove the cracked glasses and the picture from the frame and convert it into an earring holder. Frames can be a very beautiful and functional holder to showcase your earrings. Get some picture wires to tie them around the frame and hang the earrings on them. It can be an ideal gift for any girl and you can run the wire according to your requirement to increase the level. If you have long falling earring, then you should tie the wire at broader diameters.

Renovate cracked plates into beautiful wall hangings
When dishes or bowls break, you may think it belongs to the trash. However, before you throw them away try this excellent home décor project to enhance the beauty of your house. Cracked dishes can be used for decorating walls of your dining hall or kitchen. It is an excellent idea to reuse the broken pieces to hang them on the walls. You will just need to glue the pieces of the plates together and apply beautiful textures or colors to display them on the walls. It is a useful project for the rejected dishes of your dinner set that you are not able to get rid of even when you want to.

Refurbish a broken table into one or more wall desks
You may have a broken or scratched table that you are planning to discard. Before throwing it away, go through this handy project idea that can benefit you towards organizing your home. You can up-cycle the broken table and remodel it into one or two wall desks. It is great for the tables that are broken in the middle because to create these wall desks you do not need the centre. You can cut it into two halves leaving the damaged portion. The next step is to paint it according to your wishes and attach them to the walls. By this you can certainly repurpose the broken pieces of furniture into something useful.

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