It is apt to say that DIY projects can improve the furnishing of any room of your house. For decorating you home with pieces of furniture from stores, try out the some useful Upcycling ideas and make your home ready for celebrations. Remodeling used objects can be very creative in a way that is both convenient and useful. A traditional suitcase, for example, can be an excellent alternative for constructing comfortable seating furniture along with offering a bold fashion décor to your home. For crafting a completely new chair, you can use a traditional suitcase, some broken parts or vintage fabrics of discarded furniture and find the essential hardware that you will require to construct a seat.

To make a seating tool you will require the following supplies-
· A measuring tape
· An used suitcase
· Plywood
· Drill
· Saw
· Four mounting plates
· some screws
· marker
· four suitable chair or table legs
· Colors to paint the chair
· Fabric
· Scissors
· Old cushions
· Weights
· Strong threads
· A needle
· Fabric glue

Following are the steps to complete the projects
· Measure the size of the chosen suitcase and cut two pieces of plywood to cover the outer part of the case.
· You then have to drill small holes on each side of the plywood and affix it to the hard outer case by using screws. Make sure that you attach the screws from inside the suitcase to offer it a strong grip. By this the plywood is placed correctly until the corner-mounted plates are attached.
· Place the mounting plates on each corner and marker the crew location with a marker. You can remove the place after marking and drill small holes at each point.
· Remove the temporary screws holding the plywood on the outer hard surface of the suitcase. Attach the ply with the help of the screws placed on the mounted plates.
· Shape the legs of the chair according to the desired height and ensure that they fit in place by using some temporary screws. Paint the chair legs and place them aside to dry.
· Open the suitcase and fill it with foam or cushions to make the seat comfortable. The first layer of foam will not show-up but will fill the spaces appropriately to make the top layer stay in place when you sit on it.
· Remove the foam and spray some adhesive in the inner halves and place the foam. Keep it until it dries.
· Cut some pieces of fabric and cover the outer halves of the case to make it look beautiful. Tuck the cloth around the sides and stitch it with a strong thread and needle to hold it in place. Make sure that the stitches are strong. You do not have to make them appear beautiful as they will now be seen when the chair is complete.
· Take the chair legs and fix them in place with the help of screws. You can keep the chair in your living space or drawing room wherever you want.