Your home is the place, where you want to relax and enjoy after having a hectic day of work. A good home with nice décor can make your living more pleasurable and interesting. This is the reason why many owners are interested in spending their time and money in decorating their homes. Some of the benefits of decorating your home are as follows:

· Enhances the aesthetics of your home
· Better aesthetics improve the value or resale value of the home
· Nice home décor can enhance your living experience

There are many ways to décor your home. One of the simple ways is replacing the existing furniture with new ones. Furniture is mandatory for any home. By choosing and placing beautiful and trendy furniture, your home interior can get a refreshed look, along with improved functionality. Another amazing idea for boosting your home décor is decorating your walls. There are plenty of DIY wall decor ideas available on the Internet. In this article, we will tell some of the most incredible living room wall decor ideas that are simple and easy to implement.

Whisk Broom for Textured Painting Finish

Usually, people paint the wall using the roller or paintbrush or sprayer. These tools allow you to have a smooth painted surface on the wall. For a change, you can use the whisk broom to have textured painted surface on the wall. Textured paint finish can lend a refreshing and unique look to your home interior.

Cardboard Model for Creating Pattern

You can use the cardboard models to draw the online of the patterns on your wall. This can be bit time-consuming, but doing it on your own will save a huge amount of money.

Allows Kids To Paint

If you want to have an amusing or informal design on your wall, you can ask you create to draw or paint some patterns on the wall. These patterns not only add a unique beauty to your décor, but also remain as a memory of your kids’ childhood days.

Butterfly decorations

You can use butterfly paper decorations to enhance the appearance of your bedroom. These paper decorations are available in different sizes and colours. Choose them accordingly to your room theme and size.

Precautions To Take When Painting Wall

Painting the walls may look like a simple job, but it comes with some risk. You have to take some precautionary measures, to ensure your safety.

Always wear safety gears like gloves and goggles to protect your hand and eyes from the paint splash and spills. It is very much essential to keep your eyes protected from the paint, which is made of harsh chemicals. You can also wear aprons to protect your dress from paint splash.

Use ladder for applying paints on the heights. Make sure that you use a safe ladder that does not collapse accidentally.

Apart from the above-discussed ideas for wall decor paintings, you can also find many interesting ideas on the Internet. There are many websites and blogs, which post amazing home décor photos, which can truly enlighten you in this area.